R&R Medicinals Review and Coupon

R&R Medicinals Review and Coupon













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R+R Medicinals is a staple in the cannabinoid hemp industry, serving customers across the US. The brand’s Cherry Strain of USDA Certified Organic hemp sets the quality of CBD and hemp-derived THC products head and shoulders above other companies.

In our review of R and R Medicinals, we cover the company’s core values, their impressive dedication to producing world-class hemp, and how the brand is evolving to stay competitive in the market. Few cannabinoid hemp brands have the accolades of R+R Medicinals to truly unlock the endless potential of CBD.


Veteran and Employee-Owned CBD Company

R&R Medicinals’ dedication to customer satisfaction is made extremely clear while shopping and enjoying one of the products. Whether you order online or find a local retailer carrying R&R CBD, you are back with an industry-unique 30-day guarantee.

As the cannabinoid hemp industry slides into more and more corporate-run businesses, we’re excited to feature a brand that offers employees a piece of ownership. R+R Medicinals was also founded by veterans who experienced the power of CBD in their own lives.

Humble beginnings and a close connection to the Colorado hemp industry have influenced R and R Medicinals to keep prices affordable. Purchasing a high potency 3-pack subscription brings the cost per milligram of CBD down to under $0.04. CBD at this rate is extremely rare, especially when the quality is so high and comes from a reputable brand.

USDA Certified Organic

Since 2019, R+R Medicinals has maintained the USDA Organic Certification. Most brands in the industry claim to source from USDA Organic farms but don’t meet the requirements to place the certification on every product. The process is rigorous to achieve and maintain, making R and R Medicinals an outlier in the industry.

Hemp Authority Certified

Another rare achievement few CBD brands can boast of is obtaining a Hemp Authority certification. HAC companies are only recognized after a rigorous inspection of every phase of the manufacturing process. The Hemp Authority has overseen R+R’s farm, extraction facility, labeling, and distribution channels.

Few companies strive to go through the trouble of earning certifications because they aren’t required to trade CBD. Unfortunately, the barrier to entry for a CBD company to enter the market is extremely low, creating a market flooded with opportunistic brands. If you are looking for the best quality hemp possible, purchasing USDA Organic and Hemp Authority Certified products is one of the best ways to separate the premium companies from ones doing the bare minimum.

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Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC

The latest development in the industry is hemp-derived THC. While federal prohibition limits access to all cannabinoids, the hemp industry has progressed to find ways to help people needing healing beyond CBD.

Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC derived from hemp are 100% federally legal if the products come from cannabis plants with below 0.3% THC. D8 and D9 provide users with another level of relief and relaxation not possible with merely CBD.

We expect R&R Medicinals to continue to innovate and provide the cannabinoid hemp market with access to the latest innovative products.

The CBD that Works – R+R Medicinals

We rarely find a CBD company that uses superior quality organic hemp, is Hemp Authority Certified, and maintains affordable pricing. R and R Medicinals is truly an outlier in the industry. If you value quality and a dedication to customer satisfaction, R&R is an excellent opportunity to experience the potential of CBD.

After reviewing the brand, we are incredibly impressed with the products and customer-centric approach to business. R+R has built the foundation to become one of the leading forces in the hemp industry.

20% OFF

Get 20% OFF R&R Medicinals CBD products with this verified promo code!

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