Savage CBD Review and Coupon: e-liquids and so much more

Savage CBD Review and Coupon: e-liquids and so much more


Products range


Lab testing


Hemp origin


Pricing fairness


Customer service



  • Incredibly vast product line: about 70 items in the store, various types of CBD products
  • Many options to choose from: full-spectrum or isolated CBD, different flavors and concentrations
  • Lab tested, top quality products, affordable prices
  • Free shipping, tracking service, retail and wholesale


  • US shipping only, not every state is eligible

If you’re into CBD and hemp-based products, and are looking for a brand with vast products variety, you will probably be interested in Savage CBD. They offer almost all possible CBD product types, and there you will definitely find the one for you.

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Savage CBD is a leading company in the world of hemp-based products. They offer retail and wholesale products, with an emphasis on top-quality products, all of them tested by third-party labs and offered to the public at affordable prices. They use pure ingredients and have a wide variety of options available for those who are starting to consume CBD products and those who already have some experience.

Among their product collections, we can find CBD concentrates, edibles, drinks, disposable pens, flowers, tinctures, soft gels, topicals, vape juice, and CBD for pets.

Pros and cons

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Automatic tracking on their website
  • An impressive variety of products for oral, topical use, vaping, and more
  • Not every state in the U.S. is eligible for shipping


CBD for vaping

In this group of products, Savage CBD offers three different options: CBD cartridges, CBD vape juices, and CBD disposable pens. You can choose between full-spectrum CBD or isolate options. The difference is that full-spectrum contains not just CBD, but other phytonutrients from the hemp plant as well. There is a variety of flavors, and you can also buy them in bundle deals for a lower price.

CBD Flowers and Concentrates

If you prefer to consume CBD flowers, Savage CBD presents two options, each one with different weights. You can choose from Richie Rich or Lifter Sauce, and there’s also an option to use a CBD flower Prerolls.

On the other hand, in the CBD concentrates section, you will also find a CBD shatter, which is an extract of the hemp plant with great potency and flavor.

CBD Edibles and Tinctures

In this section, you get all sorts of edibles, and even a couple of drink powders based on CBD. The other option you have is using full-spectrum gummies in different concentrations and flavors.

But if you’re into CBD tinctures, Savage CBD offers a variety of full-spectrum tinctures with a lime, grape juice, or an apple flavor and different concentrations and bundle sales you can choose.

CBD Soft gels

Most of the CBD brands offer CBD in a form of capsules, and, let’s face it, it’s one of the most popular form of CBD to take orally. It convenient and simple, especially for those who dislike the oily textures or is not a fan of experimenting with the dosage.

Savage CBD is not an exclusion, in their long list of products they also have full-spectrum CBD in the form of soft gels. At an affordable price, you get 30 soft gels with a total 750 mg per container.

CBD Topicals

On the other hand, CBD topicals by Savage CBD include a variety of lotions, roll-ons and balms. Our favourite pick is Full Spectrum CBD Aloe Vera – an excellent combo for after-sun care. Combining anti-inflammatory and moisturising components, this product is a must have for a beach day. It contains 300mg CBD for 60ml bottle of organic aloe leaf juice.

CBD for pets

Nowadays CBD is widely used for pets. Pet owners often struggle with common pet behavioural issues such as stress, fears and various types of anxiety. Given that CBD is often described as calming substance with low adverse effects profile, it becomes a reasonable choice when it comes to treating pets. Pets that need pain management, can also benefit from CBD.

Savage CBD has a vast line of pet products. The main product is a bag of full-spectrum CBD treats (30 pieces, 5mg each). Turkey flavour makes these treats very attractive for our furry friends. Another convenient form of CBD for pets is spray; all you need to do is add it to food or drink of your pet. Savage CBD pet spray has 500 mg of CBD in a 60ml bottle, which seems like an adequate dosage. Savage CBD also offers have a pet shampoo and spray with 300 mg of CBD per bottle.


Savage CBD offers free shipping on all orders, but only inside of the United States, and not in states like Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. They won’t process orders from California either, if they contain CBD gummies, drink mixes, or CBD revive shot.

An excellent feature the page offers is an automatic tracking service. You can input the order number and your e-mail to track your shipment without contacting customer service.

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Lab Tests

All products by Savage CBD are tested by a third-party lab. In the main menu, you can click on “Learn”, and it will give you access to the section “Lab Results”. Once in the “Lab Results” page, you will be able to go through to the complete certificate analysis of each one of their products.

Customer Service

Savage CBD has a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, but you can also contact the company customer service by phone or email. Their hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm PST.


Savage CBD is a leading company with an impressive number of products and options. They have full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD products, all of them tested by a third-party lab. They are one of very few companies that offer free shipping on all orders, but only inside of the United States, and not all states are eligible.