Savage E Liquid – CBD Vape Juice with Fantastic Flavor

Savage E Liquid – CBD Vape Juice with Fantastic Flavor


Lab testing


Potency and efficiency





  • Hight-quality, non-GMO, pesticides free, 3rd party lab tested
  • Made in the USA; CBD derived from US-grown hemp
  • Wide range of classic and unique flavors, different concentrations (250-1000mg CBD)
  • Affordable price, bundle offers
  • One of the most effective ways to consume CBD


  • Shipping is not available to all states (for more information, please see website)

Savage e-liquids are fast becoming some of America’s favorite CBD vape juices. This is thanks to Savage CBD pairing high-quality, GMO-free Cannabidiol, with several fantastic vape juice flavors.

Containing 250mg to 1000mg of CBD, Savage e liquid and CBD cartridges are perfect for CBD beginners and more experienced users. Best of all, mix and match bundles of Savage vape juices start at just $79.99.

Savage E Liquid Flavors

The CBD market is awash with tincture, gummy, and Cannabidiol vape juice brands. However, almost all keep recycling the same product flavors. Thankfully, Savage e-liquids are different.

As well as vape juice flavors CBD users know and love, Savage vape juice is available in several unique flavors. These include candied blueberry, Fiji melon, and even flavors that mimic the taste of freshly baked cookies covered in fresh raspberries and frosting.

With all Savage vape liquids, Savage attempts to create a brand new way to experience CBD. As a bonus, Savage uses only the most wholesome ingredients when creating new e-liquids.

The main Pros of Savage E-liquid

  • All Savage e-liquid varieties are lab tested for quality, safety, and purity
  • Savage vape juice is made using CBD derived from 100% pesticide-free, GMO-free hemp
  • Unlike other CBD vape juice brands, Savage manufactures all its e-liquids right here in the USA

Savage CBD Vape Juice Benefits

By creating CBD vape juices bursting with flavor, Savage CBD makes using Cannabidiol altogether enjoyable. A 30ml bottle of Savage juice will also last most CBD users a week or more. This makes Savage e liquids both low-cost and easy to use to precisely monitor CBD dosages.

Unlike with edibles and tinctures, vaping with CBD also sees up to 90% of the Cannabidiol in vape juices enter the bloodstream. (When using edible therapeutics, only 30% – 50% of CBD is absorbed by the body.)

Vaping with CBD also sees CBD enter the bloodstream almost instantly. As a result, people vaping Cannabidiol can benefit from faster relief from symptoms like pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

  • Because less CBD goes to waste when vaping, many Savage e-liquid users can get the same benefits from low-strength vape juice as they would higher-strength edibles and tinctures.
  • Vaping with Savage CBD can help people avoid stomach upsets and digestive discomfort sometimes associated with high-strength Cannabidiol.
  • Combining CBD with several fantastic flavors makes using CBD fun and easy to do anytime, anywhere.

Who is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD is based in California and is committed to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality CBD e-liquids currently on the market.

Unlike other CBD vape juice manufacturers, Savage CBD includes genuine lab reports with each of its products. Savage e-liquid users, therefore, benefit from an extra assurance that vape juices are safe, toxin-free, and contain exact concentrations of Cannabidiol.

Other Savage CBD Therapeutics

As well as their best-selling CBD e-liquids, Savage CBD currently manufactures a wide variety of other therapeutics. These include CBD edibles, disposable pens, tinctures, and even Cannabidiol-themed apparel.

For new CBD users, Savage also provides on-site guidance that helps customers navigate between what products are best for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Cannabidiol users. To find out more, click here to read our review of the brand, or here to visit Savage’s website.