Sol CBD Review and Best Products

Sol CBD Review and Best Products













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  • Free 6-step Sleep Well program available with every purchase
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Few CBD brands today stand out among the pack of companies offering virtually the same products backed by bold claims. Rarely do we find a company providing innovative opportunities to improve the overall CBD experience. But, as confirmed by numerous Sol CBD reviews online, the brand is putting in the work to create its own path in an overcrowded market.

CellG8 Liposomal CBD from Sol CBD

Possibly the most exciting ways Sol CBD separates itself is with in-house developments in increasing CBD absorption and bioavailability. Liposomal technology optimizes CBD use to deliver a higher percentage of favorable outcomes over a broader array of benefits.

Sol CBD’s new patent pending delivery method is said to have a higher bioavailability rate than any other administration method, including smoking and ‘nano’ CBD products. According to a recent clinical trial, GelCG outperforms edible CBD with a bioavailability rate 17 times higher.


High Potency CBD

Some conditions CBD users treat with the cannabinoid are believed to require a higher dosage than others, like anxiety. High-potency CBD products are often unaffordable and in small containers. Sol CBD has prioritized the user with a tincture with over 240 servings and 4000mg of CBD.

Studies observing mental health issues have found that CBD in high doses can be effective. While most conditions require daily, consistent use, researchers found that participants experienced a decrease in symptoms almost immediately after taking 300mg. The 2019 study also gave participants CBD doses of 150mg and 600mg without success, demonstrating the bell-shaped dose-response curve observed in animal testing.

Find Your CBD Match

One of the challenges facing CBD users is choosing the right products. The market is filled with multiple delivery methods, including oil, Sol CBD gummies, and topicals. Sol CBD has overcome the task of matching users with specific conditions or goals with the product most likely to deliver the best results.

After a short quiz, beginners, CBD veterans, and users without any experience with cannabinoids are directed to the Sol CBD products that will best accommodate their unique needs.   

Free Sleep Well Solution with Sol CBD Advanced Sleep Formula

One of Sol CBD’s most popular products is the melatonin-infused CBD tincture. The product is an impressive blend of premium CBD extract and other natural sleep aids, including melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP, valerian root, and passion flower. However, what separates Sol CBD from other CBD sleep formulas is the free 6-step Sleep Well program available with every purchase.

The program was designed by 7 leading sleep researchers, Aryuveda gurus, and neurochemists to help people struggling to experience better sleep through supplementation. Typically the program is $200, but every Sol CBD customer purchasing the sleep formula gains access for free.

CBD + Melatonin Advanced Sleep Formula

The only product in the world containing 6 powerful nutrients encapsulated in an advanced liposomal technology shown to help you fall asleep fast and remain in deep sleep.

The result is waking rested and full of energy. Plus you will love the orange-pineapple flavor!

The Sol CBD Difference

Sol CBD doesn’t stop isolating itself in the industry just by providing customers with innovations in bioavailability, high dosage products, and sleep supplementation. The company’s business model includes giving back to veterans, low-income households, and supporting drug reform charities.

A percentage of every dollar spent goes back into the community or supports the environment. So far, Sol CBD has donated over $16,000 to charities. The founders’ core mission of “helping others and delivering a superior product will always trump financial gain.”

If you’ve struggled to find a CBD company you can trust that goes above and beyond the industry standards, Sol CBD is an excellent opportunity to experience the true potential of cannabidiol. Far too many brands are producing the same products claiming they are the brand that stands out from the pack, but Sol CBD is actually doing the work to stand out in the market.