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Sunday Scaries CBD, 2022 review and coupon

Sunday Scaries CBD, 2022 review and coupon













  • An unusual and extraordinary CBD brand founded by passionate CBD fans who believe in the power of humor
  • Made with the highest quality broad spectrum CBD derived from industrial hemp in Colorado (from family-owned farms)
  • Offers vegan products
  • Gluten free, non-GMO, made in the USA, 3rd-party lab tested


  • Free shipping is only available for orders over $69
  • Small products collection

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, candies, and CBD tinctures are part of a fun, funky line of CBD therapeutics that are particularly popular among anxiety sufferers. This is thanks to Sunday Scaries products being specially formulated to help relieve stress, anxiety, and promote senses of calm in users.

Here, in our Sunday Scaries CBD review, we’ll look at everything you need to know about Sunday Scaries and their most popular CBD therapeutics.


Mental health statistics show that anxiety disorders in the U.S. affect approximately 18.1% of all adults over 18. However, only 36.9% of sufferers ever seek treatment. This is largely due to stigma. However, many people also dismiss symptoms of anxiety as just part of life.

Thanks to their own success using CBD to relieve stress and anxiety, the founders of Sunday Scaries pair high-quality CBD with a range of products that are affordable and safe to use whether working or on the go.

To maximize the anxiety-relieving effects of CBD, Sunday Scaries uses completely THC-free Cannabidiol in all their therapeutics. All gummies, candies, and Sunday Scaries CBD oil, also contain added essential vitamins like vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.


Pros and Cons

Why anxiety sufferers and CBD users love Sunday Scaries is simple.

  • Sunday Scaries CBD gummies and candies contain 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy. This makes it easy to monitor daily CBD dosage levels and also is good solution for CBD beginners.
  • 100% vegan CBD gummies are available for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Sunday Scaries offers fast free shipping to all U.S. customers.
  • All broad-spectrum CBD used in Sunday Scaries CBD products is sourced from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado.
  • Currently, Sunday Scaries offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all products.
  • Sunday Scaries is one of only a handful of CBD brands which boosts the efficacy of CBD with essential vitamins and caters specifically to anxiety sufferers.
  • As a brand, Sunday Scaries has been featured in major publications like Forbes and Cosmopolitan.

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  • Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are available in maximum strengths of 10mg of CBD per gummy.
  • Exact CBD extraction methods are not specified on the Sunday Scaries website.

Full Product Range

Not a fan of CBD gummies? No problem. At present, Sunday Scaries make available a wide variety of different CBD products.

500mg Strength CBD Oil Tincture With Vitamins D3 and B12

When making Sunday Scaries gummies and candies, Sunday Scaries combines 10mg of CBD (per gummy) with vitamins D3 and B12. This is thanks to vitamins D3 and B12 being widely known to help regulate the nervous system, metabolism, and mood.

Sadly, 10mg gummies and candies might not always help alleviate anxiety in more severe anxiety sufferers. Neither can edible CBD gummies relieve anxiety as quickly as therapeutics like sublingual Cannabidiol tinctures. For this reason, Sunday Scaries make available a 500mg CBD tincture, that delivers 30mg of CBD per dropper.

Unlike with CBD edibles, Cannabidiol in Sunday Scaries tinctures enters the bloodstream faster, providing faster relief from symptoms like anxiety. CBD oil from tinctures can also be added to smoothies, drinks, and homemade CBD edibles. 

100mg CBD Rainbow Candy

One benefit of edibles like CBD gummies rests with the fact that CBD is more slowly released into the bloodstream. Often, users report that this provides relief from symptoms like stress for up to 6-hours.

To help prolong the therapeutic effects of CBD further, Sunday Scaries make available 100mg CBD Rainbow Candy, which slowly releases 10mg of CBD per candy as it is sucked. This allows CBD to be absorbed sublingually, as well as through digestion.

Like Sunday Scaries CBD gummies and tinctures, candy is also infused with vitamins D3 and B12. $1 from all candy purchases is also donated to the Trevor Project, which provides counseling support to young LGBT people suffering from stress and anxiety.

200mg CBD Gummies

Perfect for helping reduce everyday stress, Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are Sunday Scaries’ most popular CBD therapeutic.

Containing 10mg of CBD per gummy, gummies are available in orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon, and apple flavor. However, Sunday Scaries also make available strawberry gummies with added vitamin C, and 100% vegan lemon, tangerine, lime, and cherry gummies.

In each case, users are advised to take 2 or 3 gummies whenever feelings of stress or anxiousness manifest. By being THC-free, gummies do not induce tiredness and can be used discretely in a wide variety of work and social contexts. 

If you want to optimize your payment, don’t forget to check the bundles section on the Sunday Scaries website and copy our promo code to get 20% off.

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At present, Sunday Scaries takes pride in offering fast free shipping on all orders. Typically, this sees most U.S. CBD users receive their orders in 3 to 5 business days. After placing an order, all customers also receive a tracking number via email.

Sadly, Sunday Scaries does not ship products internationally at present. However, international shipping may be possible shortly.

Customer Service

How does Sunday Scaries stand up in terms of customer service?

As a fun, funky, high-trust, CBD brand, Sunday Scaries is committed to making sure that all customers are 100% satisfied. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, you can request a full refund. However, when requesting refunds, any CBD product purchased must be returned. 



Can Sunday Scaries help you beat stress and anxiety?

Founded by self-professed stressed former bar owners Mike and Beau, Sunday Scaries create CBD therapeutics specifically in mind of U.S. stress and anxiety sufferers. The unique funk and flamboyancy of Sunday Scaries have also seen the brand featured in several top publications like BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Forbes.

Thankfully, despite Sunday Scaries being widely recognized as a premium CBD brand, all Sunday Scaries products still start at prices as low as $29. As a bonus, further 20% discounts are available to anyone who subscribes to the Sunday Scaries mailing list or uses our coupon code.