The Beemine Lab

The Beemine Lab Review – Spain CBD With Worldwide Shipping

The Beemine Lab Review – Spain CBD With Worldwide Shipping













  • Worldwide shipping
  • Third-party lab tests
  • Natural ingredients certified by the European Union
  • All formulations contain a maximum of natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • Combination Cannabis derivatives with beekeeping derivatives


  • Oils are only available in 10 ml bottles

The deteriorating bee population is one of the most concerning issues threatening our way of life. Our food supply is dependent on the transfer of pollen from the male to female reproductive organs or stigma, just one of the crucial jobs bees carry out, free of charge. Unfortunately, too many of us take bees for granted, but Beemine has infused bee advocacy into its business model. 

Beemine features CBD infusions with Spanish-made honey supporting the commercial bee industry, uses profits to increase the bee population, and raises awareness of the unprecedented issue. Cannabis and honey are a perfect match; with Beemine’s line of products, you can support both essential components of our ecosystem while enjoying CBD’s natural benefits.


CBD + Honey Infusions from Beemine

Beemine uses the combination of CBD and honey in a variety of products to create unique, must-have infusions. The brand also carries a traditional CBD oil made with all-natural ingredients at three potency levels, 3%, 20%, and 10%. In addition, all Beemine CBD products are 100% TH-free and are backed with third-party lab tests.

Our favorite Beemine infusion is their Organic Rosemary Honey and CBD facemask. With just three ingredients, honey, CBD, and olive oil, Beemine developed an innovative way to enjoy CBD topically. The consistency is perfect for a facemask, and the combination provides hydration and reduces inflammation.

Cannabis Pleasure Gel and Massage Oil

While Beemine’s Pleasure Gel and Massage oil don’t include bee byproducts, the intimate products play into their company name, and we appreciate a good double entendre. The products are also exceptionally high quality utilizing 99% natural ingredients.

Beemine’s pleasure gel is formulated to mimic the vagina flora, ensuring you or your partner avoid irritation or an allergic reaction. With natural lubrication, you can experience pleasure and self-care in the same bottle. In addition, regular use can increase vagina hydration and limits dryness, itching, and burning.

Beemine’s Effort to Save the Bees

Prioritize the being of bees by purchasing CBD and honey infusions from Beemine. Take your dedication to boost the bee population by adopting a sustainable beehive. Beemine allows customers to support local beekeeping projects through the non-profit Ecocolmena.

With every purchase, whether you are buying beeswax lip balm or CBD oil, 10% of the profits are donated directly to help and protect the bee population.

Beemine’s Downloadable Beginner’s Cannabis Guide

Along with spreading awareness regarding the bee population, Beemine also focuses on putting out accurate information about cannabis. Web site visitors can download their extensive guide to help to understand the natural healing properties of cannabis.

Beemine’s guide promises you that everything you’ve learned about cannabis is wrong, speaking to the dedication of corporations and world governments to suppress legitimate information about cannabis. The company website also features an extensive blog that goes far beyond ‘what is CBD?’ articles.

Support the Bee Population Remove the Stigma with Beemine

Our European readers, who value innovative, high-quality products and companies that support environmental emergencies, will be happy with Beemine.

Their line of unique products stands out from the competition. The brand also operates with complete transparency, offering lab tests and insights into its ingredients. Buying Beemine’s THC-free CBD oils, intimate products, and CBD/bee byproduct infusions is an investment in your health and the planet’s future.

Cannabis and bees are a genius combination that makes sense on many levels. Beeswax and honey are perfect ingredients to infuse with CBD, and bees directly help cannabis plants through pollination. Support cannabis advocacy and sustainable beekeeping with Beehive’s impressive line of CBD products.