Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in St. Louis

N’Bliss is the first dispensary to open in Missouri, and more are expected to open in the coming days and weeks across the state. The store opened earlier this year to sell CBD products. Now those who have a medical card for marijuana can go to the dispensary.

“We all have people who may have opioid problems or are looking for alternatives, and finally, they are here,” said N’Bliss CEO Bradford Goette.

Larry Simpson was the first patient to buy medical marijuana in Missouri. Accompanied by his wife, he explained what he went through after being diagnosed with stomach cancer last year.“When I came home from the hospital after surgery, I had a whole list of things you didn’t want to take,” Simpson said. “Morphine, Oxycontin, this, this … I didn’t take any of that.”

The state health department limits the amount of medical marijuana you can buy to 4 ounces for 30 days. Since the supply chain is just beginning, N’Bliss is currently limiting patients to 1 ounce. He plans to add vaping, food and topical products to his product line in the coming months. N’Bliss works with Archimedes in Perryville as a marijuana supplier.

“It’s really an honour to be here at this stage at last because we know how much it means to so many people who have waited and fought for this for years,” said Erin Moore, Archimedes’ chief scientist. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has licensed a total of 192 retail locations, 24 in each of the state’s eight counties.