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Best CBD Flowers Brands and Strains Selection

Cannabis flower isn’t always the best choice. Often, paranoia and anxiety leave some consumers looking for a better alternative. But don’t rush to write off hemp flower just yet. To evade any unwanted side effects, try going for CBD-rich flower – it comes with all the benefits high-THC flower offers minus panic attacks. CBD-rich flower has a plethora of properties, from fighting hangovers to calming headaches, even among high-tolerance users. Enjoy a smooth experience together with extra advantages.

What is CBD flower?

It’s the bud that grows on hemp plants, which are the same as cannabis but contain only around 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the part you can’t get high without. THC is responsible for perception and mood swings, while its good brother, CBD, is associated with beneficial medical effects, like numbing aches and pains and dealing with various conditions. That’s what made hemp-based CBD an active and valuable component in therapeutic oils.

The effect of CBD flowers

When consuming CBD flower with a minimal level of THC, the two cannabinoids could still work together synergistically, although the effect you may experience wouldn’t be as intense as when consuming cannabis. Together with such terpenes as carene and geraniol, CBD and THC create the so-called entourage effect when different cannabis compounds produce a better effect together than each of them does separately. This effect allows CBD and THC to influence each other’s actions, enhancing the benefits they offer, like stress removal. How CBD hemp flower will make you feel really depends a lot on the strain that you choose. Some strains are higher in CBD but contain smaller amounts of other cannabinoids, and vice versa. Some strains are perfect for the daytime, some works perfectly to smoke in the evening before going to bed. Sometimes it takes some time to find your perfect CBD flower. This is why we prepared a short strains guide for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD hemp flower.

How to choose the right CBD hemp flower brand?

With the growing popularity of CBD, it’s no wonder that there are many manufacturers that sell CBD flowers. To make sure that you’re shopping for high quality CBD hemp flowers, pay attention to these criteria:

  • Growing methods. Aim for organically grown hemp flowers, no one wants any pesticides or other chemicals to be present in their buds. Manufacturers that practice organic growing are very proud it and will make sure that you see that information when you enter the store.
  • Brand reputation. Needless to say, a brand that is trusted by thousands of other customers is most probably one of the great ones. Don’t hesitate to search for unbiased reviews or just ask people around.
  • Transparency. A good manufacturer of CBD hemp flowers will have nothing to hide. Transparency includes open access to 3rd party lab testing results, information about farms locations and certifications, have clear policies and responsive customer support.

What are the best CBD hemp flowers on the market?

Thankfully, there are many splendid brands that offer high quality CBD flowers. We’ve prepared a selection of excellent strains that you can buy at any time and be sure that you’ll get organically grown, certified buds.

Image Product Details Store
Dr. Strains CBD
Bubba Kush Hemp Flower
– Indica strain
– Over 15.92% CBD
– Smooth taste with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee
– Sourced from Oregon, hand trimmed, lab tested
– What to expect: powerful relaxation
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Dr. Strains CBD
Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower
– Sativa strain
– Organically grown, hand trimmed and seedless, lab tested
– Scent of sweet tropical flavor and smooth to smoke
– 17.25% CBD
– What to expect: a feeling of relaxation, but no dizziness, great for daytime. Excellent option for pain relief
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  Dr. Strains CBD
CBG Infused Special Sauce Hemp Flower
 – 18.62% CBD
– Organically grown, hand trimmed, lab tested
– The bud formation is extremely dense with an incredible nose and over 24.34% total cannabinoids. Infused with CBG
– Has a sweet aroma, not harsh, smooth smoke with a coffee taste on exhale
– What to expect: relaxing and pain reducing strain, makes you feel chill and calm
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CBDism CBD Flower Cats Meow CBDism
Exotic Premium CBD Hemp Flower Cats Meow
– Hybrid strain
– 15% CBD
– Exotic Line: according to the brand, one of the most unique CBD flowers in the world
– Grown with a proprietary method in the rich volcanic soils of Hawaii
– Indoor grown, hand trimmed, lab tested
– Glass jars with a humidifier pack to preserve freshness
– Dense frosty nugs, smooth smoke
– Other strains in the Exotic Line are available

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How CBD hemp flower affects your health

According to studies, CBD has the potential of relieving inflammation and aches. The exact benefits of CBD for humans aren’t clear yet, as most studies were conducted on animals. To uncover the full range of positive effects, further research is required. CBD hemp flower comes with all the pros this cannabinoid offers. Apart from that, due to the very small concentration of THC, it doesn’t cause addictions. While you may not experience the euphoria you expect from cannabis, hemp is mostly free from negative side effects, like foggy memory.

The health benefits of CBD also depend on how you consume it. Consumers with respiratory conditions, like asthma, should restrain from smoking the flower. It would be safer to add it to meals. Baking lovers could try making cookies with CBD flower. Feel free to alter a few recipes by replacing regular butter with the one containing the cannabinoid.

CBD doesn’t guarantee a complete lack of side effects, although they rarely occur. The range of side effects from CBD usage varies from mild ones, like a dry mouth to less pleasant experiences, such as vomiting. Another effect associated with CBD is tooth decay, but it’s mostly connected to the consumption of sugar-based products containing the cannabinoid. Eating foods with a high amount of sugar leads to tooth decay and may have nothing to do with CBD. However, be sure to consult a doctor before including CBD in your regime.

What’s the optimal dose of CBD flower?

The dosage may vary from user to user. Each strain has its own effect due to differences in CBD-THC ratios. So the easiest way to find the best working strain is to try several of them. Some users are more prone to TCH effects than others. For them, a high-CBD and low-THC flower would be an optimal choice. Begin with testing a low dose of high CBD flower, which is no more than two inhalations from your preferred method of consumption. It’s all about experimenting, so the steadier you go, the more precisely you’ll determine your CBD-THC tolerance.