Ways CBD Affects Your Skin You Didn’t Know About

CBD is one of the most discussed topics these days. People add it to coffee,  use CBD oil to help their sleeping schedule, and some people use it to relieve pain. But a growing trend is CBD for skincare.

The main advantage of CBD oil is that human skin loves it and absorbs it very quickly and easily. The most popular way of using CBD oil in skincare is the effect of CBD on acne. Sebum naturally protects the skin but when it mixes with debris, it can close pores and cause acne. There are many pieces of research that show and claim that CBD turns off this process at the source. According to one of the recent scientist reports, local using of CBD on skin suppresses the production of the sebaceous glands and prevents them from providing excess sebum.

A review published in 2019 states, that using endocannabinoid plays an important role in the regulation of keratinocyte activity. CBD can act as an antioxidant to protect and improve the skin. Topical CBD users often report superior skin hydration. It’s unclear if the relief of dry skin is due to CBD alone, or if it’s also due to the emollient properties of carrier oils. Relief of dry skin may also be related to the regulation of sebocytes, anti-inflammatory properties, or antioxidant effects of cannabis.