Can CBD Save the World After COVID-19 Crisis?

The full impact of the Coronavirus on the economy remains to be seen, but forecasts are bleak. After the initial lockdown, economic growth should have been strong, which ensured a quick recovery. However, due to the introduction of local bans and additional restrictions, the economic recovery has been slower than expected.
CBD is definitely big business. In a world where coronavirus has caused increased levels of anxiety, this supplement could be a healthy way to restore confidence in people’s lives. As restrictions ease, this growing market will create thousands of new jobs from lab to store and beyond.
There is another aspect of CBD that gives hope to the London economy and the UK in general. This substance is a fantastic performance enhancer. If the state subsidized and supported its production, then an increasing number of consumers would use it. As a result, millions of people will have better concentration, better sleep, less pain and less anxiety.
It is impossible to calculate the overall effect, but there is no doubt that performance will skyrocket. By being able to do more in less time, we can accelerate economic growth exactly when we need it most. Even if we continue to work from home, a few drops of CBD oil could drive up profits and economic activity.