CBD Oil is On the Rise in 2020

CBD is growing as an industry and the market is predicted to continue its upward trend. Despite the recent troubles with the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of CBD oil and other CBD products has risen. Offering the highest quality CBD in central Oregon, Rooted Hemp Co. has witnessed a rise in demand in 2020.

While many industries have been hit hard in 2020, more and more people are discovering CBD oil as effective stress relief and anxiety reduction supplement for not only themselves but also their pets. Rooted Hemp Co. this year has increased its range of products for pets by 20%. The reasons for this may be that pet owners are spending more time with their pets due to the pandemic and are more aware of their needs. In addition, many dog ​​owners can take their pet for more walks, which in turn can cause muscle soreness.

CBD oil has been successful in reducing stress-related anxiety in adults and pets. It’s also great for depression and general mental health problems. Additionally, if the typical treatment for these types of mental illness often includes addictive benzodiazepines or other drugs with a variety of side effects (including drowsiness, headache, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia), CBD oil is a natural alternative.

Interestingly, the 2020 health care crisis has led to a decline in legal marijuana sales in most US markets. At the same time, in many parts of the country, the highest CBD sales were seen in March / April and beyond. The market for CBD products is expected to grow at a rate of 31.9% between 2020 and 2027.