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Live life to the Max with MaxCBD Wellness: Interview with Anna Clark

MaxCBD Wellness is one of those brands that put a lot of efforts into spreading knowledge and CBD education. We spoke with Anna Clark, manager and CBD Expert at MaxCBD Wellness.

– Tell us a little bit about your brand. How did MaxCBD Wellness start, what’s the story behind it?

– First of all, thank you for inviting MaxCBD for an interview. CBD is truly a health phenomenon and we are proud to be a part of this industry. It is our moto to help everyone in need to improve the quality of their lives with our products.

MaxCBD Wellness established as a small online shop and as of today, already has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. We manufacture our product from USA-grown hemp, each batch gets lab-tested to make sure we control the quality of our products and only after that they end up in our warehouse, and later – shipped to our customers. Our moto is: Live life to the Max with MaxCBD Wellness!

I’d like to share a story that one of our customers recently told us: after using our CBD oil for 2 weeks she was able to hold her grandchild – which she was unable to do before, because of arthritis in her hands. Another one – a young athlete got injured he gave us feedback that our CBD pain relief cream helped him to recover faster and get back to his trainings in no time.

– What makes MaxCBD Wellness stand out?

– MaxCBD Wellness, as all reputable brands, does offer full money-back guarantee if the results are not satisfying – although it is worth mentioning, we have 99% satisfaction rate from our customers, as our team of CBD Experts is always eager to help and guide them through the journey with CBD by  sharing others’ experience on usage, dosage and so on.

For each product you can view 3rd party lab-test results on the website, that ensures the quality of the product. It is important that everyone checks these results before purchasing CBD products to confirm the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as making sure the product is pesticide and heavy metal-free.

We believe our CBD Experts Advice Center makes MaxCBD stand out on the market and here is why. Many people that are already users or are just starting to get to know to CBD, have no real tools to understand how CBD can benefit them, how they can use it and which products would best fit their needs. That is when our FREE CBD consultation comes in handy – the service is free for up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to completely understand customer’s needs and guide them.

Our CBD Experts have helped number of people to find relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, recover faster from a heavy exercise and overall – improve quality of life. We use reviews and feedbacks from MaxCBD users to understand deeply how everyone is using our products for certain ailments and then we share this knowledge with our customers.

– What is your process for CBD – from raw hemp to extraction to final product?

– As mentioned above, we use locally grown hemp and extract CBD by CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction method. Some people may not be aware of the benefits of CO2 extraction and I would love to underline a few.

CO2 at lower temperatures gets transformed into a liquid. Pressurized liquid gets washed through cannabis plant to carry out all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavors. For the final step we just need to let CO2 turn into a gas and we are left with a pure CBD extract. As the process is done on low temperatures, it preserves all the natural ingredients from the plant, as well as flavors.

This method is the most sustainable CBD extraction as of today, however can be a bit expensive for the manufacturer. Regardless, this is our choice of extraction as we strive to deliver the best, pure, high-quality CBD products and at the same time take care of the environment.

MaxCBD Wellness

MaxCBD Wellness is a reputable brand of hemp-based CBD products that uses a unique CBD extraction process to get the purest CBD oil

– How did Covid19 pandemic affect your business? Was 2020 a successful year for you?

– Like everyone else, we also wish this pandemic to be over soon so we can go back to normal lives! Beginning of pandemic was a bit tough as for everyone, however as we already had a strong online presence, it helped us to stay in business and gain more new customers throughout 2020. We are looking forward to having a more successful 2021 ahead.

– We think that one of the most important things for any e-commerce business is to have loyal customers. How do you estimate your customer retention rate? Did it grow or decline during the past year?

– Absolutely true – loyal returning customers not only help business grow but they also become #1 advocates for the products and brand they love. MaxCBD Wellness offers every referred friend a discount on their first purchase, as well as a same discount will be applied to the referee’s next order, so everybody wins. Many of our returning customers have used this opportunity to save up on their purchases, as well as help their friends to get a quality CBD for a good price.

As mentioned above, we have a very high satisfaction rate with our clients, which we are proud of. A high-quality product and an excellent customer care, online presence and availability through different platforms (website chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Toll free consultation line) helps clients to stay in touch and always get answers on any questions they may have.

Our CBD Experts Center offer customers an auto refill program – MaxRefill – which allows loyal customers to save on each purchase, not worry about a refill each time they run out, and for bonus – get the 7th order for free.

We are pleased to say that we have grown our loyal returning customers base during the past year, and we are looking forward to expand further in 2021.

– What are your goals for the near future, how do you plan to grow your business?

– MaxCBD Wellness stands out among thousands of CBD companies because of the services we offer. I believe we are the only company which has trained CBD Experts available for our customers from Monday to Friday for a FREE CBD consultation. We don’t just sell the product; we make sure customers get the results they are looking for and we offer full money back guarantee in case the results are not as expected. This way of doing business attracts a lot of new customers because they feel safe with us. We focus on the service we provide besides the quality of products and every customer we have, becomes part of our large family, that’s why customers stay loyal to us and we stay loyal to them.

– What are your projections for the CBD industry in the course of the next few years? What do you think will change?

– The leading cannabis researchers BDS analytics and Arcview market research, think that the collective market for CBD sales only in the U.S. will go over $20 billion by 2024 according to Forbes. We plan to be there and witness this growth together with everyone else in the industry.

In December 2020 the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) removed cannabis from restricted schedule IV substance. This historic event can drive additional scientific research into cannabis medicinal properties and could help many countries with the legalizing of cannabis for medicinal use, as well as consider laws on its recreational use. Which will only benefit and help CBD industry to grow.

– Do you personally use CBD? If yes, what do you use it for and what are your favorite products?

– My personal preferences are MaxCBD Extra Relief 2500mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture and 1000mg CBD Pain Relief Cream. I use CBD oil for general anxiety, to regulate my sleep and it also helps me recover after workouts. As for pain relief cream – I mainly use it for my knees and back-pain in the mornings or as needed.

I have found this natural remedy to be helpful and has certainly replaced other pharmaceutical drugs for me.

I am also very fond of CBD in skincare. My favorites in my daily skincare routine are MaxCBD Anti-Aging CBD and Collagen Face and Eye Creams. They keep my skin hydrated and help maintain elasticity during cold winter or hot summer months and seasons in between.

– Which product would you say is the bestseller of MaxCBD Wellness, and why do you think it is the bestseller?

– According to the last quarter’s sales our 3 bestsellers are Max Relief 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Extra Relief 2500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil and 1000mg CBD Pain Relief Cream.

CBD Oils are premium quality tinctures, they are being used as a universal remedy by our customers for different health ailments. 1000mg is usually the choice of first-time customers and when they come back, they usually choose a more cost-effective option – 2500mg CBD oil, the only difference between these two is the concentration levels of and can be more flexible with dosing the right amount.

1000mg CBD Pain Relief Cream stands out on the market, it has a high concentration of CBD and carefully chosen ingredients get absorbed right away and is effective right after application. It is used by athletes for a fast recovery and by everyone who has mild to severe issues with pain, joints, mobility etc…

– Most important message from MaxCBD Wellness to the consumers?

– Live life to the max with MaxCBD Wellness. Stay healthy and use CBD to maintain and improve quality of life you desire.

Our products help thousands of people on daily basis to fight different health ailments and achieve their goals. Feedback and rapport, we receive from our clients makes us eager to continue offering the premium quality product, best service.