Poll Shows Support for Legalizing Marijuana in Arizona

Arizona’s voters are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana using ballots, which will be decided in the November elections, according to a new poll of likely voters.

Proposition 207 was supported by 45.6% versus 34.2% against, with about 19% of voters undecided, according to a TODAY Network poll of 500 likely Arizona voters on September 26-30, according to a TODAY Network live poll of 500 likely Arizona voters.

Arizona’s Smart and Safe Use Act will allow adults 21 and older to carry up to an ounce of marijuana, while also allowing the sale of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state at about 130 existing dispensaries. It includes other provisions, such as permission to erase the records of persons previously convicted of crimes that will no longer be illegal under the law.

It will also impose an excise tax of 16% on recreational marijuana sales and offer 26 retail licenses to people historically disadvantaged under marijuana laws. The state will issue these licenses based on criteria that health officials will have to create.

Almost all funds for the election campaign come from medical marijuana pharmacies in Arizona, including those operating in several states.

Despite facing opposition campaigns on the ballots, the group is less active and has a smaller bankroll so far than those who opposed another legalization measure that failed in 2016.