Swift – The Sublingual CBD Spray That Maximizes CBD Absorbency

Swift – The Sublingual CBD Spray That Maximizes CBD Absorbency


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Potency and efficiency





  • Fast-acting method of using CBD: you get the effect in 2-3 minutes
  • A superior CBD delivery system: atomized particles are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream
  • CBD is derived from hemp grown in Colorado
  • Use a chemical-free CO2 extraction process to extract CBD
  • Lab Tested


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For several years, the CBD therapeutics market has been dominated by sublingual tinctures, edibles, and smokable products. However, sublingual CBD spray products are fast becoming many people’s preferred way to use cannabidiol for fast-acting pain and anxiety relief.

Leading the charge in pioneering new ways to use CBD is Swift Sublingual CBD. This is thanks to the fact that as well as delivering cannabidiol via a sublingual spray, Swift has created a breakthrough new CBD formula.

What is a Swift Sublingual CBD Spray?

Why sublingual CBD is so popular is simple. Applying cannabidiol under the tongue, sees CBD get absorbed directly into the bloodstream, by bypassing the digestive tract. However, a Swift sublingual CBD spray works very differently to a traditional CBD tincture.

  • Traditional CBD tinctures pair CBD with alcohol to facilitate fast sublingual absorption.
  • A Swift sublingual CBD spray optimizes CBD delivery to the bloodstream, by delivering atomized CBD particles under the tongue which are more quickly absorbed by sublingual blood vessels.
  • Swift also maximizes the bio-availability and therapeutic efficacy of CBD, by using highly concentrated CBD in its spray formula.

At present, there are several sublingual CBD sprays already on the market. However, only Swift delivers CBD to the bloodstream using a proprietary, atomized sublingual solution that maximizes cannabidiol absorption.

As a brand, Swift also goes to lengths to ensure the purity and efficacy of CBD in its spray formula. Swift does this by only using CBD that is extracted from hemp using state-of-the-art, chemical-free, pressurized CO2 extraction techniques.

What are the Benefits of Using a CBD Oral Spray?

Why sublingual CBD sprays are becoming many people’s preferred way to use CBD is simple.

By bypassing the digestive system, sublingual tinctures, and smokable CBD therapeutics deliver CBD faster to the bloodstream. This results in faster relief from pain, anxiety, and other symptoms people regularly manage with cannabidiol. However, using tinctures, and smokable CBD therapeutics can come with a few caveats.

  • Smoking hemp flowers is widely considered safer than smoking tobacco. However, there are concerns over the long-term health effects of smoking both hemp and CBD e-liquids.
  • Using CBD tinctures is widely considered safer than smoking. However, not all CBD in tinctures enters the bloodstream. This is because blood vessels in the mouth can only absorb so much CBD at once.
  • Using a Swift sublingual CBD spray mitigates both these problems. This is thanks to the fact that CBD bypasses the lungs completely. At the same time, a Swift CBD sprays disperse CBD over a wider surface area in the mouth than a CBD tincture can. This allows CBD particles to be absorbed by hundreds of different blood vessels simultaneously.

CBD Sprays are Both Discrete and Convenient

As well as optimizing absorbency rates of CBD, using a Swift sublingual CBD spray makes using CBD altogether easy.

Often, it is not always possible to smoke CBD in work or social contexts. Neither is carrying a tincture bottle everywhere 100% practical or convenient. Now, though, Swift makes dosing with CBD as easy as using a regular breath freshener.

As a premium CBD product, all Swift sublingual sprays also use organically cultivated hemp and go through rigorous safety and quality screening. To find out more, visit Swift for yourself by clicking here.