Beware of Marijuana in Your Kids’ Halloween Baskets

Indiana State Police posted a warning on Facebook earlier this week, along with pictures of “medical” Skittles and Starburst Gummies. These products contain THC which is a psychoactive cannabis compound.

“Parents, here’s an example of what to look for in your kid’s Halloween candy basket this year. Although they are packaged and sold to look like candy, they are not. You have to look closely to see the “Medicine” wording. Check all the candies carefully and do not think they are “OK” just because they look “OK”. #Safehalloween #trickortreat “

This case is not unique to Indiana. Last year, Connecticut police issued a warning to parents after reports that two children were given food with THC during a meal. Denver police also warned parents to check their children’s pantry on Halloween for food.

While it is certainly unlikely that anyone would knowingly give out their personal cannabis candy stash to children – if children were given even a little treat this year, due to pandemic precautions – packaging can be confusing, leading to accidental confusion, captain. Ron Galaviz, chief of public information for the Indiana State Police, told Yahoo Life. The recently confiscated gummies and skittles prompted the department to issue a separate food warning this year, in addition to the usual Halloween safety warning.

Indiana shares borders with states that legalize marijuana, which Galaviz said could increase the likelihood of a medicated food coming up on Halloween. “Just take the extra moment to inspect your child’s candy, maybe more than you usually do,” he says. “Not everything is as it seems.”