The Best CBD Creams and Balms for Athletes and Runners

The widespread access to CBD products has taken the cannabis industry to heights never imagined. A decade ago, famous professional athletes with cannabis sponsorships were merely a pipedream, but thanks to CBD’s non-intoxicating effects and diverse range of applications, the dream has become a reality.

CBD appeals to athletes for several reasons. We will focus on how topical hemp-derived cannabinoid products can shorten recovery, improve sleep, and tackle the mental challenges associated with competition easier to manage.

CBD for Athletes

The use of CBD for athletes is still relatively new, but many people with active lifestyles turn to the cannabinoid because of its non-toxication properties and expansive applications.

World-class athletes like Rob Gronkowski, Megan Rapinoe, and Bubba Watson have CBD sponsorships and report using CBD regularly. Even though these athletes are banned from using recreational cannabis, low-THC extracts are 100% legal and don’t violate their respective sports drug policies.

Whether competing at the highest levels of competition or in an adult softball league, CBD can help decrease recovery times and make the activity more enjoyable. 

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Max CBD Wellness
CBD Pain Relief Cream

1000mg of CBD per 59ml (2oz) jad
– Fast-acting ointment cream
– Helps to manage joint pain, arthritis, muscle aches, chronic pain
– High CBD concentration
– Peppermint oil gives cooling sensation
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cbdfx-muscle-joint-cream-1000mg CBD FX
Muscle & Joint CBD hemp cream

500/1000/3000mg of CBD per 50ml (1.7oz) bottle
 – Good for overworked muscles and joints
– Three dosing options, 500mg, 1000mg or 3000mg
– 100% natural, GMO-free, vegan, and cruelty-free
– Contains menthol and white willow bark extract
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Goat Grass CBD Gel Goat Grass CBD Roll-On Gel – cooling pain relief
600mg of CBD per 30ml (1oz) bottle
– Infused menthol, eucalyptus and rosemary
– Useful for aching joints and superficial muscle tissue
– Made with 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate
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CBD Quick Relief Gel

250mg of CBD per 59ml (2oz) bottle
– Perfect cooldown partner
– No greasy after-feeling
– Fast absorbing gel
– Perfect for daily aches and active workout
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ncbd-topical-coolingsportscream Nanocraft CBD
Cooling CBD sports cream

500 mg of CBD per 100ml (3.4oz) bottle
– Contains Menthol and Arnica
– Perfect for assisting with sore muscles and tight joints
– No oily feeling
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Max CBD CBD-Pain-Relief-Salve-125mg Max CBD Pain Relief Salve 125mg
120mg of full spectrum CBD per 1.5 oz jar
– Fast acting relief for aches and pains
– A powerful pain relief formula
– Organic and non-GMO for your safety
– Rich, natural ingredients for your body’s needs
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NBHemp CBD Roll On Gel 1500mg NB Hemp
Pain Relief CBD Roll On Gel

1500mg of CBD per 90ml (3oz) bottle
– Powerful anesthetic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities
– Hands-free application
– Self-Massage onto painful muscles
– Great for travelling
– Fast-acting
– Long-lasting
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CBD Essence
CBD Pro LifeStyle All Purpose Lotion

600mg of CBD per 60ml (2oz) container
– Relief from hard-work
– All-natural muscle and joint support
– Fast-acting and long-lasting
– No greasy leftover
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CBD Pure
CBD infused cream

250mg of CBD per 95g (3oz) tube
– Fast-acting formula
– 3rd party tested
– Quality guaranteed
– Contains full-spectrum CBD, Willow Bark and menthol
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populum-cold-therapy-CBD-hemp-rub-1000mg Populum
Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

100mg of CBD per 90ml (3oz) tube
– Soothing muscles and joints
– Vegan & paraben free
– Combines Hemp with Aloe Vera, Arnica and Chamomile
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How to Use CBD for Sports

Athletes use CBD before and after competition to help deal with focus, muscle soreness, sleep conditions, diet control, and mental health relief. For example, CBD for runners can help users get through a challenging workout by assisting them to focus and combat muscle fatigue, so they aren’t sore when it’s time to run again.

Below are the 4 most common ways to use CBD for sports.

Muscle and Joint Soreness

After a long game or tough workout, muscle and joint soreness can keep you from performing at the highest level possible. CBD creams and balms help direct the cannabinoid extract to the source of pain.

Topicals like creams, balms, and salves interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the area of discomfort. Regular use and a healthy flow of cannabinoids is the best plan to reduce soreness.

Mental Challenges

One of the aspects of competition that gets overlooked is the mental strain athletes face. Adversity can lead to depression and anxiety, dramatically affecting performance, especially at the highest levels.  

Improve Sleep

Sleep is another aspect of sports that get overlooked. High-quality rest is required to perform to the best of your ability. Dealing with sore muscles and joints can lead to trouble going to sleep and staying asleep; in addition, regular CBD use has been shown to help the sleep-wake cycle.

Recover Faster

The path to recovery can hinder an athlete at any level. If you’ve ever played multiple games a week or gone through a rigorous workout routine, you know the importance of recovery.

Advantages of Creams and Balms

Topical CBD is one of the most popular ways to help athletes. Below are the advantages of creams and balms.

Targeted Application

Get directly to the source of pain with topical CBD. Rub a generous amount of highly potent CBD cream or balm on the sore area for maximum results.

Other Pain-Relieving Ingredients

Topical CBD products typically are infused with other ingredients known to relieve pain and combat discomfort. For example, menthol is a commonly used additive that provides instant results complimenting CBD’s pain-relieving properties.

Easy to Use

Applying CBD to sore muscles and joints takes a few seconds and provides fast-acting results.

What Makes the Best CBD Creams and Balms?

The best CBD creams and balms are free from harmful additives, and a 3rd party lab verifies contents. Make sure to check COAs anytime you buy CBD to ensure cannabinoid content and the product’s safety.