US Scientists Report That Marijuana Can Help Fight Coronavirus

Scientists from the United States and Israel shocked the world with an unexpected statement – they officially announced that drugs based on cannabidiol (a substance found in cannabis and does not have a psychotropic effect) can help patients with COVID-19 in whom the disease is severe and with complications in the lungs. This is noted in the findings of research by scientists from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. It is worth noting that researchers from the Israeli companies Eybna and CannaSoul, as well as scientists from the University of Augusta (USA), also agree with the opinion of their colleagues. 

Cannabidiol is anti-inflammatory and can prevent a “cytokines storm” – an overly strong immune response, which leads to severe side effects, scientists say. According to the latest data, scientists have used cannabidiol in mice and have been able to significantly improve lung health. In addition, it is noted that the animals showed a decrease in cytokines in the blood and an increase in the oxygen content. Researchers plan to continue testing in rodents – if the substance proves to be effective, then they will start preparing for human trials. It is also noted that a new stage of research will take place at the University of Georgia. Scientists also drew attention to the fact that coronavirus cannot be treated with cannabidiol at home, without medical supervision.