Avida CBD Brand & Products Review

Avida CBD Review: splendid vape oil and gummies

Avida CBD Review: splendid vape oil and gummies













  • A true cornucopia for CBD vaping fans: 7 original e-liquid flavors available in 3 concentrations each, disposable vape pens and discount on kits
  • CBD is derived using proprietary “AVIDA Core” extraction processes
  • Organic, Pesticides free, non-GMO, THC non detected, 3rd party Lab Tested
  • Industrial hemp organically grown in Colorado
  • Free shipping on all U.S. orders


  • Only U.S. shipping is available
  • Avida doesn't offer CBD capsules, a popular form of CBD

If you have never heard about Avida CBD, you might be pleasantly surprised when you get familiar with this brand, because it’s one of the most reputable manufacturers that offers 3rd party lab tested CBD products in a variety of formulations and flavors. Avida’s star products are vape pens and juices, but it will be fair to say that the whole assortment of their CBD looks amazing.


Avida lets you choose between isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum products for the most therapeutic and natural experience. All products are 3rd party lab tested, which is the first thing to pay attention to when it comes to cannabidiol. Avida claims that all their products taste great, and it appears to be true, we do enjoy their delicious CBD gummies and flavored e-juices.

Avida’s vaping product selection is really impressive, great selection of flavoured vape pens and vape juices attracts CBD vaping fans to this bright and colourful site. Along with CBD for vaping, Avida has CBD oils, tasty gummies and topical CBD.

Avida CBD official website

Pros and cons

  • Free shipping on all orders inside of the United States
  • An excellent selection of CBD for vaping
  • Broad-spectrum CBD tinctures and gummies with CBD, phytonutrients, and no THC
  • Products are packaged in a GMP certified facility
  • No capsules or soft gels are made available as of yet


CBD vape juice

Avida CBD all CBD vape juice flavors

Avida CBD is committed to creating the best-tasting CBD e-liquids on the market. They have different flavors and a flavorless option that you can also use as a vape additive. You can choose between kiwi-strawberry, fruit punch, berry-melonade, blueberry cake, mango, berry grape, or blue razz vaping juice. And each one has different degrees of strength, from 250 mg to 1000 mg per container.

CBD vape pens

These vape pens are disposable, which makes them a great choice for occasional CBD vapers and for the newbies in CBD vaping. A 1 mL pen contains 100 mg of CBD, and you get 6 flavors to choose from. Similar to the vaping juices, you can choose between kiwi-strawberry, berry-grape, mango, and blue razz vape pen. There’s also mint flavored pen, and a flavorless vape pen for those who want to taste plain isolate. You can also buy all of them in a bundle for a discounted price.

CBD Oils

These tinctures are of a premium-quality, free from fillers, dyes, binders, and excipients. Avida focuses on broad-spectrum CBD tinctures that are available in different concentrations. Alternatively, you can go with the full-spectrum CBD oil, which means it may have trace concentrations of THC (always in a concentration lower than 0.3%). Choosing between full spectrum and broad spectrum is always subject to personal experience: some people prefer having small THC amounts in their CBD to take advantage of the Entourage effect, and some prefer CBD without any traces of THC in it.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies by Avida are gelatin-free artisanally crafted in the USA edibles with no artificial flavors or preservatives. When manufacturing their delicious gummies, Avida uses only natural fruit flavoring, for example, orange peels or organic vanilla. These gummies come in 4 natural flavors: raspberry, orange, vanilla, and strawberry. You can also buy them in a bundle and save 15%. Each container will get you 36 gummies, 10 mg of CBD per gummy. Avida CBD gummies are broad spectrum, which means, you can enjoy a complete feel of various cannabinoids naturally found in hemp plant, with 0% of THC in them.

CBD Topicals

Avida CBD also offers a topical CBD balm with 500 mg of CBD per container, formulated with broad-spectrum CBD and other natural ingredients to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Besides CBD and phytonutrients, this reach CBD balm contains a blend of jojoba oil, beeswax, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, lavender essential oil, and vitamin E. 100% Organic CBD Balm by Avida can be topically applied as needed. You should gently massage the balm onto the skin of the affected area to get a feel of soothing warmth and pain relief.

You can also find a Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture & Balm 500mg Bundle in this section.


Avida CBD offers free shipping within the United States. When you make an order, you will be updated with tracking information on your email. They have a fast turnaround, with all orders shipped within 24 hours, and expected to arrive within 2 or 3 business days via priority mail.

The company also offers international shipping for a shipping fee that you can calculate before checkout.

Lab Tests

All products by Avida CBD are tested by a third-party lab. You can access lab testing results by accessing the “Lab Result” section once in the details page of each one of their products. In some cases, you will have the report right there on the product page. In other cases, you will be prompted to the official link to the lab results.

Customer Service

To contact customer service, you can call to the number (888) 986-9223, send a mail to [email protected], or fill a contact form in the contact section under Quick Links, which can be found on the site footer.


Avida CBD is one of the best brands for CBD vapers. They offer a variety of flavors and different concentrations to meet their customers’ needs. Many people choose to shop with Avida because of their delicious CBD gummies, high quality CBD oils, and CBD topicals. The most part of Avida products collection is based on broad-spectrum CBD for those who wants to enjoy the benefits of the synergy of the cannabis plant components without being exposed to the effects of THC.