CBD coffee

CBD Coffee Benefits and Effects

CBD infusions are all too standard in the current cannabinoid hemp industry. While many blends have proven to be grifts to take advantage of the rising demand for CBD products, some have turned out to be highly beneficial.

An infusion that has stood the test of time is CBD coffee. Not only is taking CBD with your coffee a good idea to promote regular use, many believe that the unwanted side effects of caffeine are reduced with the addition of cannabidiol.

We are going to look into what CBD coffee is, how it’s made, and the benefits of the popular infusion.

What is CBD Infused Coffee?

CBD coffee doesn’t refer to the videos you see on Instagram of people putting drops of CBD into their morning latte. As advanced CBD users, we know that water and oil don’t mix, and your CBD will simply float to the top of the cup, making the act futile. CBD coffee means the CBD is infused into the beans by the manufacturer creating a true blend.

Many CBD coffee producers incorporate different varieties along with CBD to make the experience more enjoyable. You can likely find your favorite roast or flavors available with CBD.  

Green Roads, Hazelnut Hemp Flower Coffee

A 12-oz bag of Hazelnut Hemp Flower Coffee by Green Roads. This blend of premium Colombian coffee and U.S.-grown hemp with toasty hazelnut flavor offers you an energized body and a calm mind.


How Is CBD Coffee Made?

CBD coffee isn’t made by simply soaking coffee beans in CBD oil. The process of adequately infusing CBD into coffee beans is complex and varies depending on the manufacturer. Many companies use a proprietary infusion process that they aren’t keen on advertising. The practice requires heat to allow the extract to seep into the coffee beans.

When you buy CBD coffee, be sure to check out their infusion process. The company most likely won’t give much detail, but you can still understand how they create their CBD coffee blend. If their methods are effective, they will let you know. Most CBD coffee companies are proud to have figured out the right temperature for infusion; they likely have spent years perfecting their methods.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. While caffeine is absolutely addictive, the side effects are mild compared to other substances that are abused. However, the consequences of taking caffeine can cause problems like losing sleep, excessive sweating, and even trigger schizophrenia episodes.

Benefits and Effects of CBD Coffee

Using CBD and caffeine is believed to reduce the significant side effects you may experience after drinking coffee. Advocates of the popular infusion report that CBD-infused coffee provides a caffeine buzz without the jitters. In addition, CBD coffee drinkers claim to get better sleep than if they drink normal coffee.

While we don’t have research to support these claims, CBD does inhibit the unwanted effects of THC, and some are similar to caffeine. People who struggle to tolerate THC report anxiety, trouble sleeping, and psychotic episodes. CBD inhibits the receptors that cause the psychoactive effects of THC and could work in the same way with caffeine.  

Other Advantages of Taking CBD with Your Coffee

To get the best results with CBD, you need to dose consistently. If you are a daily coffee drinking, infusing CBD into your morning routine will ensure you are getting a daily dose and will help you experience the benefits.  

A Promising Infusion with Little Research

Unfortunately, we don’t have the research to back up claims that CBD will eliminate the side effects of caffeine. Like all cannabis infusions, our understanding is far behind where we should be due to prohibition. However, based on anecdotal evidence, CBD-infused coffee is one of the most promising and exciting ways to get your daily dose of the cannabinoid.