Diamond CBD Review: fairly priced CBD and Delta-8

Diamond CBD Review: fairly priced CBD and Delta-8













  • High-quality CBD from organic USA-grown hemp
  • Available Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolated CBD, Delta-8 and CBG
  • Amazing variety of products: different dosages, flavors and delivery methods from CBD tinctures to CBD pre-rolls and Delta-8 lollipops
  • Non-GMO, pesticides free
  • 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA


  • Free shipping available for orders over $100

Every time we visit the Diamond CBD online store, we marvel at how many cannabinoid hemp products they have in stock. It is a true testament to how far we have come as an industry. Just a few years ago, CBD oil, topicals, and edibles were basically the only options; now, we have an expansive selection of delivery methods to choose from.

Since the 2018 ‘Farm Bill’, the CBD industry has exploded. Few companies have capitalized on the demand for hemp-derived cannabinoid products better than Diamond CBD. As the industry continues to evolve, they prove they are willing to adapt and provide customers with the latest products.

Currently, the trend in the legal online cannabis industry is Delta-8 THC. We have yet to find a more comprehensive array of options available on a single website than Diamond CBD’s platform.

Diamond CBD’s Insane Selection

Online customers can choose from an extensive selection of CBD, Delta-8 THC, and CBG products. Diamond CBD more than covers all the traditional delivery methods, including tinctures, topicals, skin care products, drinks, vapes, flower, bulk isolate, and CBD pet products.

Many platforms with such a wide array of products struggle to organize their store, making shopping for CBD overwhelming. Diamond CBD does an amazing job at allowing shoppers multiple avenues to find the product they need.

Shop by Mood

If you aren’t sure what you want, choose the specific mood your aspiring to achieve. The incredible power of cannabinoids has the ability to transport users to various states of comfort. Whether you are looking to sleep, recover, restore balance, relax, or catch a buzz (thanks to D8), Diamond CBD has you covered. 

Shop by Ingredient

As the hemp-derived cannabinoid industry evolves, products beyond CBD are increasing in demand. Diamond CBD has added new CBD products as the industry shifts towards other cannabinoids. Online shoppers can easily browse by ingredient and narrow their search to the precise type of CBD to save time.

Delta-8 THC is the latest chemical compound derived from hemp to capture the attention of the masses. Diamond CBD also offers CBG and CBN products.

Delta-8 THC

Diamond CBD’s selection of Delta-8 THC is impressive; they offer over 150 Delta-8 THC products on their platform. If you are looking for D8 gummies, vape, flower, and edibles, Diamond CBD has a wide array of strains and flavors to satisfy any D8 connoisseur.

Delta-8’s rise in popularity is due to its ability to intoxicate users while still fall under the legal categorization of hemp, as outlined by the DEA. Many states have clarified their stance on Delta-8 THC products recently. Regardless of the fate of D8, we expect Diamond CBD to adapt and be at the forefront of the next trend in the hemp industry.


Diamond CBD started as a CBD that grew into providing other types of cannabinoid hemp products. Their extensive selection of CBD products covers every category and can even be filtered through by dosage.

Online shoppers looking to save on CBD won’t be disappointed by Diamond CBD’s sale and bundle specials. Their ‘Box of the Month’ is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen online.

Diamond CBD Review – Huge Selection, Fair Prices

Diamond CBD is a trusted name in the industry backed by 3rd party lab tests and countless positive customer reviews. Avid CBD and Delta-8 users will be pleased to find a one-stop shop with a wide variety of different types of products. We believe cannabinoid products are most beneficial when taken consistently; Diamond CBD gives users options, so their daily dose is always an exciting experience.