CBD stops hangover

Can you use CBD to stop a hangover?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant grown for industrial use. It contains numerous biologically active agents. One of 120 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants is called CBD (stands for cannabidiol). Industrial hemp strains are high in cannabidiol and are used to produce CBD oil. Cannabidiol doesn’t have psychoactive properties and is generally used for therapeutic purposes.

Cannabinoids and a hangover

The efficacy of cannabinoids for “barrel fever” can be elucidated by the presence of the endocannabinoid system in the human body. On a large scale, this system is composed of cannabinoid synaptic sites, also called CB1 and CB2. The sensory neurons help control sleeping, orexia, aches, and the immune reaction. However, the excessive intake of alcoholic liquors can exceedingly affect the functioning of these neurons. CBD appears to return the endocannabinoid system to normal by restoring a steady state through the indirect correlation with CB1 and CB2 synaptic sites.

CBD effects on hangover symptoms

These symptoms are typical in a hungover person. Let’s see if CBD can be useful to alleviate them.

  • Cognitive dysfunction. Excessive alcohol use can cause extreme neuronal degeneration, but the transdermic use of CBD may help reducing the process by almost 50%.
  • Dehydration. Alcoholic liquor is an urinative, and sick headache is a result of dehydration. As cannabidiol exhibits anti-inflammatory qualities, it has a beneficial influence on the hangover migraine.
  • Vomiting sickness. Alcohol acts on your organism as an irritator increasing acid level in the stomach and causing the inflammatory state of the gastric mucosa. CBD appears to alleviate the sickness.
  • Uneasiness and hypochondria. Uneasiness and hypochondria following the day after drink binge can be due to rather high cortisone levels in the brain and other clinical signs caused by alcoholic drinks. The neuroleptic characteristics of CBD are quite analogous in effectuality to anti-anxiety meds or thymoleptic drugs through its interaction with 5-hydroxytryptamine sensory cells. Cannabidiol may help you to get uneasiness and discomfort past, by easing the brain’s reaction to stressful situations and controlling your cortisone levels.
  • Alcoholic liquor toxicities. Being hungover, we need boosting. Cannabidiol is a great oxidation inhibitor that may restore vitamins in our bodies and help decrease free radicals damage by detoxification.

Cannabidiol dosage

We cannot say for sure that cannabidiol is a medicine for a hangover, but some studies suggest that CBD may support our health in many more ways than we have just mentioned above.

Cannabidiol can be vaporized, added to meals as an additive, or used in creams, balms, and healing ointments. Be aware that everybody metabolizes cannabinoids differently, as a result, it affects everyone in different ways. The standard dose is about 5 mg. Start from low doses and gradually increase until you find your perfect dosage. To see our CBD Dosage Guide, click here.

Hemp Bombs Hangover Transdermal CBD Patches

There are lots of various products containing CBD, but not many of them are developed specifically to help manage hangover. One of these few products on the market is Hemp Bombs Hangover CBD Patch. You get 4 patches in a pack. Each patch contains 25 mg of cannabidiol, green tea, B-group vitamins, and antioxidants. When you apply the patch, the CBD and other ingredients absorb directly through the skin entering the blood flow. Cannabidiol absorbs over time, so you can wear the patch for half a day. Feeling nauseous can make it difficult for a person to take any oral medications or supplements. CBD patch may be an excellent solution to this problem. This convenient form allows receiving CBD even while sleeping, so you may notice that you feel much better after you get some sleep with a CBD hangover transdermal patch on.

Hemp Bombs
CBD Hangover Patch

– CBD from premium-grade industrial hemp grown with sustainable methods
– Starts working almost immediately
– Absorbed gradually
– Can be used for up to 8-12 hours
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