Is CBD good for gastritis

Is CBD Good for Gastritis? What We Know So Far

Long before the 2018 Farm Bill and the CBD boom, cannabis was used to help patients suffering from severe medical conditions deal with their drug treatment side effects. For example, cancer patients on chemotherapy usually experience pain and have trouble eating and sleeping. Many find that cannabis helps them deal with these intense side effects.

Since the CBD boom, the cannabinoid has been touted as a treatment for just about every medical condition. Unfortunately, all the noise and dishonesty in the industry has strayed us away from real-life applications for hemp-derived products. One of the promising uses for CBD is treating the symptoms of gastritis.

What is Gastritis?

WebMD describes gastritis as an “inflammation, irritation, or erosion of the stomach lining.” Conditions range from sudden occurrences that are hardly noticeable to chronic, long-term effects that could lead to stomach cancer.

Gastritis can create an assortment of unpleasant symptoms ranging from hiccups to vomiting blood. Signs of gastritis vary significantly from person to person, and some suffering from the stomach condition may not show any signs.

What Are the Root Causes of Gastritis?

Just like the vast array of symptoms and experiences dealing with Gastritis, the cause is also highly diverse. WebMD states that the irritation could be caused by excessive alcohol use, chronic vomiting, stress, or a reaction to certain medications. The most common drugs that have been known to cause gastritis are anti-inflammatory or provide pain relief; others include prescription steroids and cancer chemotherapy medications.

Patients suffering from gastritis could also experience the condition due to bacteria in the mucous lining of the stomach, backflow of bile, or an infection caused by bacteria or viruses.

Using CBD to Treat Side Effects of Gastritis

There isn’t any hard evidence suggesting CBD can treat a virus or rid the walls of your stomach from bacteria that causes gastritis; however, CBD does show promise in combating the symptoms.

For many, gastritis is caused by taking aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). You may be treating pain or inflammation with over-the-counter medications and subsequently increase the inflammation in your stomach in the process.

Using CBD as an alternative or reducing your consumption of NSAIDs could help prevent gastritis because CBD has many of the same properties as aspirin regarding inflammation without harmful side effects. CBD can also reduce some of the symptoms caused by gastritis, but because the condition has many causes, the effectiveness will vary significantly from person to person.

Cannabis Use and Alcoholic Gastritis

One of the most incredible studies in support of cannabis use examined the severity of gastritis in patients who abused alcohol and cannabis simultaneously. The data was matched with alcohol abusers who didn’t report using cannabis excessively and measured the risk of alcoholic gastritis based on the comparative analysis.

Not only were the results astonishing, as many cannabis-related studies are, but they used a massive amount of human patient records to conduct their research. Over 30,000 excessive alcohol and cannabis users were compared to an equal amount of people who abused alcohol without cannabis.

The study found that cannabis use decreased the probability of alcohol gastritis. The researchers concluded, “Our results demonstrate that when abusive alcohol users co-use cannabis, they were less likely to develop alcohol-associated gastritis. With the rising popularity of cannabis use and cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages, more studies might reveal the optimal composition of the cannabinoid contents of these beverages, to provide maximal protection from alcoholic gastritis.”

Choosing a CBD Product to Combat Gastritis

The hype around CBD’s potential to treat a wide array of medical conditions has created many unrealistic expectations. Using CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties appears to be one of the aspects of the cannabinoid that have real-world application. Using CBD to treat gastritis symptoms may prove effective depending on what is causing your stomach discomfort.

We highly suggest using CBD oil sublingually or trying an edible that is easily broken down to relieve gastritis symptoms. To give the CBD product of your choosing the best chance of delivering benefits, you need to take a significant daily dose.